Teaching ballet and movement one step at a time...................................

ages 2.5 thru pre professional and adults

Lisette Morris


I am committed to offering my students a solid introduction to dance and performance art. Instruction incorporates classroom etiquette, musicality, movement, flexibility, strength, coordination, developing self esteem, creating choreography and performing in front of live audiences.

I was born and raised in New York. I knew from a young age that being a professional dancer was a goal in my life. Another goal was to open a studio and teach dancers what I learned from professional performances and classroom experience. Living in New York City, I studied with American Ballet Theatre, David Howard, Finis Jung, School of American Ballet (SAB), Martha Graham Studios, Alvin Ailey American Dance Center Scholarship Program, Istvan Rabovsky and Frank Hatchett.

I have performed with Orlando Ballet Company, Classical Ballet of New Jersey, American Ballet Theatre, Alvin Ailey as well as various other productions and reviews. Being a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and the American Guild of Variety Artisits (AGVA), I have worked on many movies and television shows. I have also been featured in many fashion shows.

Having gathered the wealth of professional experience and training, it is my goal to pass on to my students what I have learned from the great pioneers of dance who have come in touch with my life and learning experiences.

My desire is for the student, regardless of ability or level, to be challenged and inspired by the arts, movement and performing. Some may become professional dancers, others may branch out into acting, modeling, movies, television, public speaking, or even become dance teachers. No matter what the student's future holds, dance is a great way to start the journey in self realization along with building self-esteem and great stamina.

Look forward to seeing you at the studio!

Reach for the moon and you will always be amongst the stars!